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How could a really innovative and attention-grabbing packaging concept look like that focused also the point of sustainability? We were inspired by this task.

The result was a packaging concept that uniquely combines sustainable materials and unusual shapes - a premium praline box in the shape of a cocoa fruit. The fruit symbolizes the origin of chocolate. The shape creates a close product connection and at the same time emphasizes the natural materiality of the packaging.

The concept makes it possible to replace packaging made of various materials, such as plastics and folding boxes, with mono material packaging based on natural fiber materials, consisting of cellulose, starch and fiber: all of these are rapidly renewable, locally available raw materials.

The potential is great: In its exemplary, organic form, this new and striking look of the packaging is particularly interesting for the food industry, but also for other industries and product categories - especially in the premium segment, which want to emphasize their brand impression with out of ordinary packaging ideas.

Our goal: Supporting companies and brands on their way to more sustainability by changing the important influencing part of packaging. 


The packaging concept is based on biodegradable, sustainable mono-material packaging with renewable raw materials, which does not use plastic. It makes the component separation for recycling process unnecessary. And the CO2 food print compared to conventional packaging is significantly lower.


The goal of our packaging concept is to promote the increased use of sustainable packaging in the food industry and beyond, and thus to make a relevant contribution to the sensible protection of natural resources. The concept is intended to promote a conscious use of raw materials that only uses the resources that are actually necessary.



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