Lens Vision

Lens Vision / CGI Finishing

Many print finishes such as glossy varnishes, embossing or metallic foils can already be digitally simulated today. They facilitate coordination with the customer and sometimes replace costly mockup productions.

However, in order to really stand out at the POS, holographic foils are increasingly used. As produced samples, they are a costly and difficult task to implement, especially when it comes to films specially developed for customers that are not yet available on the market.

With our new CGI service, we can digitally simulate these effects and thus offer an opportunity to develop complex graphic design & print concepts and to coordinate and implement them in a cost and time efficient manner.


Lense: circular, metallic Fresnel effect


Liquids: transparent glossy diffraction foil

These examples show various 3D effect foils - from the classic, circular Fresnel lens to the simulation of organic and abstract shapes for pasty and liquid motifs, for example.



Gel: metallic glossy diffraction foil

Metallisch-glänzende Linse


Creme: semiglossy diffration foil


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