With Computer Generated Imagery, shapes, materials, optical highlights and special effects can be impressively visualized.

With our extended CGI service, we offer our customers a wide range of options for a wide range of applications - cost-effectively and time-efficiently. You have the choice.


CGI Motion World
We create individual visual concepts for marketing and communication for your brand or product for use in digital media (web, social media, TV)


CGI Digital Special Effect Mockup
We developed this technique to specifically visualize 3D print finishing such as holographic effects. This enables you to get a realistic impression of a wide variety of effects before a complex mockup production - right up to individually developed holographic effect films.


CGI Motion Packshot
Short film sequence of your packaging for the visualization of opening mechanisms, unboxing and a 360 ° view of the product for your website or social media


CGI Packshot
The classic packshot in any perspective, with individual backgrounds, quick exchange of graphic design versions and standard print finishing